Vocal lessons

A lifetime of learning, performing, teaching and being a mentor for new artists defines Sonia’s career. Below, in brief, what some of her services entail. Each, needless to say, is tailored to her students and their own goals and aspirations, as well as level. Need more information, want to discuss your needs? Do not hesitate to contact Sonia in order to explore the best way forward for you.

  • Singing lessons

    Includes vocal techniques; awareness of your instrument; breathing and support techniques; relationship between body and sound; developing your own repertoire and interpretation.

  • Guidance & preparation for Conservatory entrance exams (classical and world music styles)

    Preparing students of classical and world music styles for Conservatory in the Netherlands.

  • Coaching for choral singers

    Focus on vocal techniques and improvement.

  • Coaching & professional development for recent graduates – artists

    Recent graduates artists are provided with coaching to help them develop their expression as an artist. What makes you special in the musical world? What do you want to share, tell the world as an artist?

  • Coaching for artists planning recordings

    For those planning to record, coaching and assistance in choosing their repertoires, planning the steps, optimizing the rehearsals and dealing with the stress, expression and interpretation, and preparing for the day of your recording to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, and in line with your desires/goals/aspirations.

  • Art of the Recital 

    This tailored coaching program, for those preparing for song recital includes: constructing your program; reviewing your skills; looking at you as an artist; the singing actor in you; the composers intention; you as an entertainer and looking it all from point of view of audience you have in mind, and what your intention is.

  • Coaching for stage performance

    Performing on stage it is not just your voice which counts. A stage performance needs to have artistic expression and include communication with your audience. Sonia’s experience and skills will coach you in both.

  • Coaching & teaching Brazilian Music

    Part of Sonia’s passion, is the music of her country. As a professional therefore, she is able to coach, guide, inspire and share what she knows about many of the Brazilian music genres. Helping to interpret, develop repertoires, and capture the style, pronunciation and intention of the music and the language. From Classical Vocal Music as expressed by Villa-Lobos, Lorenzo Fernandes, Guerra-Peixe, Ronaldo Miranda to Brazilian MPB (popular Brazilian music) Sonia can help duos, trios, ensembles, professional singers and musicians.


Feeling adventurous? Perhaps becoming a part of the choir “Aquarela do Brasil” is something for you? Or, perhaps one of the workshops planned by Sonia with other professionals. Get in touch with Sonia to find out more or visit the LATEST News page for current details.